Production capacity

Our main priorities are 100% quality and sustainability!

Drying and cleaning equipment with a capacity of 600 tons of raw materials per day

Warehouses for floor storage of raw materials of 12,000 tons

Seeds winnowing machines with a capacity of 300 tons of raw materials per day

Oil presses with a total capacity of 70 tons of oil and 50 tons of sunflower oil cake per day

Boiler room on sunflower husk (gas) with a productivity of 10 m³ of steam per hour

Husk pellet mill with a productivity of 2 tons per hour

Warehouse of unrefined oil for 1000 tons

Railway Station base with a capacity of 400 tons of oil and 2000 tons of raw materials

Refining and deodorization workshop with a capacity of 60 tons per day

Warehouse of refined deodorized oil storage for 300 tons

Line for bottle filling: 1 liter - 0.8 tons per hour, 5 liters - 1 ton per hour

Storage base for 20,000 tons

Side-products produced by the plant:

  • Sunflower oil cake squeeze, rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber, perfect for high-quality animal feed. It is one of the most affordable and very useful components of animals’ and birds’ diet.
  • Sunflower husk - the shell of sunflower seeds. It is used for soil fertilization, as a raw material for the ethyl alcohol and feed yeast production, as a component in the production of sound-insulating boards.
  • Sunflower husk pellets, produced in the shape of fuel briquettes and granules (pellets) are an efficient type of fuel.

Side-products of our plant are purchased by enterprises from all over Russia (Ural, Siberia, Moscow, St. Petersburg)

Near the territory of the plant there is a retail store "Sunflower", where you can always buy the products of OOO ZRM Novokhopyorskiy.